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Want To Stop Smoking But Fed Up With Failure?

If you are 100% committed to quitting smoking - then I can certainly help you stop smoking! I have successfully helped most of my clients quit smoking for good, with most quitting permanently after a single session. Now that’s not bad is it?

In fact I have had that much success with my Stop Smoking Hypnosis program that I have gone on to produce an Hypnosis CD in order to help a wider audience to quit smoking permanently.  


According To My Clients

Extra Benefits of my Smoking Cessation Program

Many Clients notice the following benefits from my Stop Smoking Hypnosis Program - so might you. They report:

Become One Of My Many Successful Stop Smoking Clients Testominial 1 - Stop Smoking Successfully

Having smoked for over 30 years and trying and failing to give up numerous times I tried hypnotherapy. After only 2 visits (to Mairead) it is now seven months without a cigarette and no urges to have one either.’                      

 Chris Hickman

I recommended Mairead to several of my friends as I was so impressed with what she had managed to do.

I had to quit for health reasons. I now love running around after my grandkids.

                 Michael, Urmston

quit smoking now

So Why Is My Stop Smoking Hypnosis So Successful?

After years of experience with helping my clients to stop smoking - I began to notice that a couple of tools I was using made a real impact on my success rate. Yes I tackled the habit behind their smoking addiction, but the key success tool was uncovering why they smoked.

It made such a huge difference to my success rate and unfortunately it isn’t something that most therapists tackle. However it is the positive benefits you gain from your smoking addiction along with your smoking habit, that keeps you smoking and it is this I tackle during my Stop Smoking Hypnosis Program with outstanding results.

The Nicotine Addiction Myth

The reason why you and others return to smoking is because smoking makes you feel better in some way.

Smoking serves some positive purpose in your life - smoking may give you a chance to take a ten minute break from work or the kids, or it may make you feel calmer or relieve boredom - however it is these benefits that keep you addicted to smoking not the nicotine.

Nicotine only stays in our system for up to 72 hours and then your body is free of it and your addiction to it.

I am sure you found it easy to give up smoking during the first few days, which technically should be the hardest time due to your withdrawal from the nicotine, just to start again days, weeks or even months later when our body no longer craves nicotine

Stop Smoking Manchester

I Tackle The Benefits You Gain AND Your Smoking Habit

Most of us started smoking for a reason and surprisingly enough this may still be the reason why we still smoke.

Once we discover why you smoke and replace this ‘need’ with a healthier alternative, along with breaking your smoking habit - you literally become a smoke free zone.

Hypnosis allows me to make these changes at the deepest level of your mind and along with a very unique program, I can have you smoke free in just one session.

For Your Peace of Mind

If required, I do offer a complimentary back up session if you feel the need for extra support although I have to be honest here - very few people use this extra session.

You will also get a copy of my professionally recorded Stop Smoking Hypnosis CD totally free too - which is in effect. like getting a free extra session every time you listen to it!

This CD is great to help strengthen suggestions given during our session. And a lot of my clients use it as a way to de-stress at the end of the day!

Quit Smoking Successfully after one session with MCR Hypnotherapy Manchester


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