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Welcome To MCR Hypnotherapy in Trafford and Manchester MCR Hypnotherapy Manchester

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Welcome To MCR Hypnotherapy in Manchester.

Life can seem so overwhelming at times and if we don’t keep on top of our emotional, mental and physical health, we can begin to feel down, anxious, stressed, overweight or generally overwhelmed with the pressures that every day life throws our way.

Thankfully there are many ways to improve your life, to change how you feel and the most powerful way to do this is to work with the part of your mind that created your problems in the first place - your subconscious mind.

And that’s where hypnosis comes in. It’s proven successful time and time again in bringing about quick, life changing results and with the added help of NLP and EFT, change can begin sooner than you think!

Successful Stop Smoking Hypnosis in Manchester and Trafford

Stop Smoking

Confidence and Self Esteem Hyposis at MCR Hypnotherapy Manchester

Confidence/Self Esteem

Weigh Loss solutions at MCR Hypnotherapy in Trafford and Manchester

Weight Loss

Beat anxiety, depression and stress at MCR Hypnotherapy in Manchester

Beat Depression And Grief

Anxiety Treatment in Manchester at MCR Hypnotherapy Manchester

Anxiety Disorders And Stress Management

I’m Mairead and I am a fully qualified Analytical Hypnotherapist, as well as a qualified EFT Practitioner and NLP Life Coach and have been practising now for over 10 years.

I have helped hundreds of people overcome issues ranging from weight loss, stop smoking, depression, low self esteem to addictions. I have a variety of powerful. yet simple tools in my therapy toolbox which  have enabled my clients to experience dramatic changes.

I am confident that I can help you and I offer a free consultation to enable you to discover just how I can help you and to provide you with an opportunity to see whether you would like to work with me.


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I Can Help You With:

I Can help you with other issues such as life goals, addictions. If you are unsure if I can help you with an issue just give me a ring on 07532 110457 or fill in the form below.

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Teens kids Hypnotherapy

Children And Teens

I cant thank Mairead enough for transforming my life the way that she has. Not only do I look great now but I feel amazing too, much happier and a lot more confident.                            Jaqui, Urmston