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Want A Fail Safe Way To Lose Weight And Save Money?

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I Offer A Free Consultation

I have the qualifications - I have the experience and I have the confidence to know that I can help you - I just want you to find out for yourself how I can help you and that is why I offer a free consultation to enable you to find out for yourself if you wish to work with me.

You get an opportunity to talk to me and discover all the amazing ways I can help you transform your life and it’s totally free and you are under no obligation at the end of the consultation to go ahead with therapy.

So the question is - Do You Want To Change Your Life? Yes? Then what are you waiting for - give me a call on  07532 110457 or fill in the form opposite.

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Transformational Life Coach And Hypnotherapist

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Mairead C Russell - Transformational  Hypnotherapist, Psychoanalyst, Certified NLP Life Coach  & EFT Practitioner, Reiki Master - Manchester

I am a Transformational Hypnotherapist amongst many things who offers life changing results to all of my clients. Not only am I fully qualified, registered and insured to practice - I am also a fully experienced Therapist and Life Coach and am expert in many fields.

I am a Weight Loss Consultant and Expert - I am fully qualified and experienced to help people overcome their past mistakes, and outdated beliefs and eating habits in order to begin a healthier, happier and slimmer life.

Due to the immense success I have experienced with my ‘Be Slim’ Weight Management Program  I had been advised to produce a professionally recorded Hypnosis CD - Be Slim  - to enable many  more people to take advantage of my expertise and gain the phenomenal results they want.

I am also Author of the forthcoming book, ‘Beat The Bulge - Seven Simple Steps To Successful Slimming’ which will be available free on this site for a limited time only.

I offer one to one sessions with my clients however I am willing to work with groups of people - which not only raises motivation and moral but also lowers prices per person too!

Weight Loss Expert

Be Slim Hypnosis CD - Available Now- Click HERE! Transformational Life Coach - What Do You Want?

Having lived through depression and low self esteem myself  I know how hard life can appear when you are at your lowest. However I discovered a powerful way to change my life and the way I feel and let’s face it when we feel amazing - our live changes in so many incredible ways doesn’t it?

I have used these simple yet transformational techniques and tools and have gone on to help so many clients change their outlook on life and how they feel about themselves - whether that’s by leaving them with increased self worth, boosting their confidence levels or helping them beat the blues and feel happier and more inspired to live a more positive life - I have made the difference they so desperately wanted in their lives.  And wow! What Transformations they were!

At present I only offer one to one sessions for Transformational Life Coaching although I am currently producing an exciting new life changing program which will be available for groups and Seminars.

I have produced and recorded the ‘Ultimate Confidence’ Hypnosis CD - available through this website or via Amazon UK. Click on the CD opposite to purchase.

Transformational Life Coach

Ultimate Confidence Hypnosis CD - Available Now - Click HERE!

Why Chose Me To Help You?

Why not? I know that I can help you overcome just about any problem that you are experiencing having helped hundreds of people overcome a myriad of problems ranging from weigh loss, impotence, insomnia, anger management right through to helping people feel better about themselves.

I am a fully qualified Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, NLP Life Coach and EFT Practitioner - hence I am able to register with the professional General Hypnotherapy Register. I offer a fully comprehensive and individual service to each of my clients enabling them to get the results they actually want - and in as few sessions as possible.

After six years of practice I know my strengths and weaknesses - if I can help you I will - simple as that and if I feel unable to help you - I will tell you rather that waste your money.

I know what I can do and I know - due to my success - that I do it well. My results are based on my approach which is professional, confident and tailored to your individual needs - that always creates success.

I offer a far more superior service to the one-weekender ‘qualified’ hypnotherapists out there who offer a ‘one script fits all’ approach to ‘dealing’ with your issues and probably charge as much as I do or slightly less. And I can prove it - all you need to do is book your Free consultation to find out how.