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Gambling Addiction

Hi Mairead,

Hope you are well. Its about 8 months since I had my Hypnotherapy sessions with you for my Gambling problems and I am very pleased to report that I have not gambled since my last visit to you. Things at last are starting to sort themselves out and I feel so much better its untrue. I have stopped for long periods before but I just have a feeling this time is different and to give you some feedback the one great thing you did for me was to explain that I wasnt ill and just that my unconcious mind had developed a negative thought pattern and I needed to break that, that was a lightbulb moment for me and well so far, so good and I am truly thankful for your help.

‘Thanks once again for your help with me.

Cheers Nick :-)

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Having smoked for over 30 years and trying and failing to give up numerous times I tried hypnotherapy. After only 2 visits it is now seven months without a cigarette and no urges to have one either.’                        Chris Hickman

Having tried several times to quit smoking I was amazed that you picked up,during the consultation, the reason why my efforts were failing. Not only did you stop me smoking but you also sorted a few other problems too.  Many thanks”

Weight Loss Hypnosis

And then there is the compliments when the weight comes off and folk begin to notice the difference in you, this helps you feel good about yourself and even better, when you can go into clothes shops where previously the biggest size did not fit you and off limits! You can now do so!                                                                           Elaine Urmston

‘Just a quick note to say the wedding went wonderfully well. I looked and felt fabulous and that really boosted my confidence on the day too. Thanks for your help - I couldn’t believe that after only one session with you my addiction to sweet things was more or less gone’                                                                             Julie, Sale

Overcoming Depression

“ I  had suffered many years from depression and rarely ventured out of the house. Mairead has changed that for me - she made me realise that I was more than my illness and showed me how to discover happiness again. I look forward to getting out now and wake in the morning with a wonderful sense of purpose as opposed to dread. “                                                            


Self Esteem /Anxiety

'I have a stressful job as a Solicitor but also had deep rooted issues regarding my appearance. I'm from mixed Indian & pakistani races and darker than other members of my family, but had grown up due to critical parents & family hating the colour of my skin as a result of this I was self conscious had low self esteem and went along with what everyone else wanted even though it wasn't something that I wanted to do.

I started to have anxiety attacks but didn't know why. it was only when I had my consultation with Mairead that I realised that my physical symptoms of anxiety were as a result of my deep rooted issues.We started the hypnotherapy sessions and it was quite upsetting to realise how much my childhood had affected me.

I have now completed the course and now longer hate myself. I feel a lot  happier with myself, career and my personal life as for once in my life I can be 'me' not the person everyone expects me to be.
’                                   Alisha, MCR


‘I am so pleased I plucked up the courage to contact you - you have such a calming manner about you that it is almost contagious! I feel so much more relaxed and calm now and find it hard to remember how I used to be before. I am actually back working - only part time - but it’s a start. I actually enjoy meeting new people now and my friends can’t believe the change.’    Donna, Swinton


“Thanks - I have found that elusive motivation again! “   J.C.


‘It is your listening skills as a therapist that enabled you to get to the real core of the issue.’

Janet Broughton, EFT Trainer