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I have a passion for self-help and I love nothing more than researching all the newest techniques available today. Yes it helps me provide a more extensive and successful service to my clients, but I thought it would be great if I shared some of the wonderful stuff I have learnt with you.

So keep watching this space and who knows - you could be at the start of a new journey to the life you want!


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  Create Abundance & The Life Of Your      Dreams

One of the main reasons we don’t get what we want is because we focus on what we don’t want when we should ALWAYS be focusing on what we want!

If you want a new house or job, then what exactly do you want? How many rooms? What salary etc. Write down exactly what you want on a piece of paper and read it every day.

As you do this imagine that you have your dream job/house now. Image how you would look/feel in your new home/job, see everything that you want, really feel how great it would be to be in that new job and home and as your vibrations in crease so does the likelihood of you getting exactly what you want!

Watch the video opposite and learn just how the Law of Attraction could work for you!

What is Hypnosis? And How Can It Help Me?

If you are like many people and want to discover exactly what hypnosis and hypnotherapy really is and how it cold possibly help you then watch the video opposite.

This video is amazing and was created by a fellow hypnotherapist and goes a long way towards explaining what hypnosis is (and isn’t!) And how it can help you and millions of others overcome just about any obstacle in their lives.

It also shows how top business men, athletes, the medical profession, teachers and many other professions and people use this wonderful tool to enhance their performance.

So watch and enjoy!

Overcoming Trauma/Anxiety - The Butterfly Hug

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, grief or trauma then try this amazingly simple yet powerful tool.

What’s more this can help kids with Aspergers, ADHD, Autism etc to let go of any anxiety or frustrations they encounter as a result of their condition and because it’s so incredibly powerful the results are sometimes incredibly quick.

So watch the video and give it a go or get your kids to have a go. It’s amazing!

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