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Hypnotherapy EFT For Successful Treatment Of Depression

Advanced Hypnotherapy EFT for Successful Treatment of Depression

Depression is a Temporary state of mind and

NOT a Permanent Fixture

Unfortunately many people go through life believing that depression is who they are and as a result they never seek help to get ‘better’ - they are ‘depressed’.

Well that’s great if you want depression to define who you are (and I have met many people who are like this) but what if you want to feel brighter, more positive and happier every day?

You Can Beat Depression By Stopping Negative thoughts With Hypnosis, NLP and EFT

Your automatic habitual thoughts are the primary cause of depression. Depression  is usually a result of consistent negative thought patterns, a traumatic experience or from having no direction or purpose in life. In order to overcome this debilitating illness, you need to tackle your negative thinking patterns or find a positive focus.

If you continually berate yourself for getting things wrong; focus on how bad things are in your life; continually worry about finances without taking action; focus on the bad things people do without taking notice of the good - then is it a wonder you are depressed?

The unfortunate thing about automatic thoughts is just that - they are automatic! We remain unaware of them however once we bring our awareness to our automatic thoughts we can then go on to change them into more positive, supportive thoughts which will not only life our mood but can bring more opportunities into our lives as a result too.

Breaking The Negative Cycle Of Depression

In order to break your negative thought pattern you need to ‘interrupt’ this destructive pattern as soon as you become aware of it and then immediately change your focus on to the positive. This process can take a hell of a long time and can become more bothersome than the actual depression - however - bring hypnosis into the mix - and the changes occur faster and are more effective too.

How Can Hypnotherapy And EFT Help Beat Depression?

Both hypnotherapy and NLP can help you beat depression by rewiring your brain  - changing what seems to be stubborn negative thinking patterns into positive ones - easily and effortlessly.

The Stop! Pattern in highly effective but can take a long time to ‘tame’ those unwanted thoughts using the pattern alone - however when used in conjunction with hypnosis and EFT - dramatic changes can be made more quickly.

Your thought lie in the realm of your mind - and as hypnotherapy works directly with that part of your mind where your automatic thought lie - it can help makes fast and effective changes without the usual struggle and effort.

Come in and find out for yourself how simple overcoming depression can be - book your FREE consultation now - simply click the orange button opposite or give me a call on 07532 110457.

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I know I can help you to break free of your depression and the negative thoughts that are keeping you enslaved in a way of life that perhaps you no longer want.

I have helped so many people (any myself) break the cycle of their negative thoughts and overcome their depression so I know how I can help you to break free too. I also know how good it feels to finally feel great again - it really is amazing!  

It’s amazing how much better life becomes and how many more opportunities come your way when you have an optimistic outlook on life.

So why not take advantage of a free consultation and discover for yourself just how easy it can be to change your state of mind and live a more fulfilling life.

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  1. Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths……..and relax
  2. Recall a really happy memory in your life….one that makes you smile just thinking about it…….(And yes you WILL have one).
  3. Now imagine that you are back there right now….at that time and recall everything about his memory as though you were seeing it through your own eyes - see what you can see, hear what you heard at that time and really feel all those feel good feelings that you were experiencing…..
  4. Now make the picture bigger and brighter ……perhaps turn up those sounds a little…..and notice how much stronger those feel good feelings are becoming……stronger and stronger
  5. Now ask yourself ‘how am I feeling right now?’ Chances are you are feeling much better!
  6. Now, keeping your eyes closed , focus on something specific that you want to happen in your life ( focusing only on a POSITIVE outcome)and visualize how this is going to be - really notice how you look, how positive you feel reaching this goal, notice every detail of this ‘movie’ and make it as compelling as you possibly can.
  7.  When the movie is complete - open your eyes and notice how much more positive you are feeling right now!

Do this exercise every morning and evening for a week and you will begin to feel so much more positive and optimistic each and every day!

You Can Feel Better Right Now………

….want to see how? Take a few moments and do the exercise below…