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What is Confidence?

Confidence is feeling positive about yourself and your ability to perform whether that’s socially, at work or in bed - confidence is believing your have the ability to do well, to succeed. When you believe you can succeed you automatically have a more positive mindset which will enable you to give what ever it is you wish to achieve - your best shot.

Compare that to someone who believes they will fail - how do you think they will approach life?

Self confidence and Self Esteem

Self confidence and self esteem are intrinsically linked although they are not one and the same. Self esteem relates to how you feel about yourself overall and is linked to your past experiences. If you don’t feel good or worthy enough you are more likely to have low self esteem as opposed to someone who believes they are good enough and are loved. Generally people with high self esteem tend to more confident, but this is not always the case. I may have high self esteem but feel less than confident talking about politics.

Self esteem is how much positive regard or self love you have for yourself.

Self confidence on the other hand is related to how you feel about yourself in certain situations or at certain times. For instance, you may feel confident hosting a dinner party yet feel a wreck at the mere mention of giving a presentation. You may have low self esteem but be highly confident giving stunning presentations.

Confidence is how you feel about your ability to succeed at any given task at any given time.

Build Confidence & Self Esteem With Hypnotherapy in Manchester

Boosting Self Esteem & Self Confidence Effortlessly With Hypnosis

Instant Confidence Boost!

Try this exercise right now and see how your thoughts can influence how you feel!

Take a few moments to relax, taking a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Count down slowly from 10 to 0 and then visualize yourself as you have always wanted to be - and remember this is your daydream so you can make yourself as confident as you could ever possibly imagine!! Notice everything about his new confident you, how you walk, how you stand, perhaps you can notice how clear and confident your voice sounds and how people seem to want to listen to what you have to say, notice how great it feels to know that you can talk confidently now, and feel how great you feel right now as you imagine that new confident you.

Now make this image bigger, brighter, turn up the sounds and make this vision of you as compelling as you could possibly ever want it to be, good. Now ask yourself how you are feeling right now? And you may be pleasantly surprised that you are feeling a lot more confident and better about yourself than you were before you started!

Now if you can feel this good after a few minutes imagine how good you will feel after just one session of  hypnosis! As hypnosis re-programmes your mind the results will be longer lasting and more powerful too.

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Can You Imagine How Amazing It Must Be To
Feel ‘Comfortable In Your Own Skin’?

Well you can - imagine that is - how great it would be to feel confident and relaxed around others. Simply try out the exercise below. And imagine - if you can feel that good after only a couple of minutes - how good will you feel after a session of hypnotherapy?

I Can Help You to Feel Better

I have helped people feel more confident about dancing, presenting, driving, walking down the aisle (on their wedding day) and in each case it was simply a matter of understanding what the problem was (‘I’m scared of mumbling’, ‘ I don’t like being the centre of attention’) and turning this round in order to make my clients feel more confident.

So instead of seeing failure - they saw success and when they believed they could succeed - they did just that - succeed. Whether it was talking clearly, gliding confidently down the aisle or dancing like a pro - they all felt differently after hypnosis and as a result - responded differently.

Changing your self talk and your self image at the deepest level with the combined power of NLP and Hypnosis will change your life. I know - I’ve been a witness to some amazing transformations.

So if you want to feel more confident - just like my previous clients - simply arrange for a free consultation. I can help you transform how you feel - so find out how by booking your free consultation today. Give me a call on 07532 110457 or click on the orange button above to drop me a line. You have nothing to lose!

So How Can  Hypnosis Help Increase Confidence And Self Esteem?

Both Hypnotherapy and NLP are excellent tools which bring about quick, effortless and long lasting change as they alter how you think, feel and see yourself at both the unconscious and conscious level.

You are who you think you are - so by changing your negative self talk you can change who you think you are - simple - with the help of some NLP and Hypnosis this becomes a permanent part of your every day life.

Hypnosis enables us to rewire the brain - producing new neural pathways to support new belief systems whilst simultaneously deleting those old outdated beliefs and though patterns.


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