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Children’s Therapy - Hypnotherapy & NLP for kids

Children respond so well to most types of intervention with most results happening quickly. Children’s brains are more open to change which means that the change they seek is so much more faster to achieve than with adults.

Not only am I a qualified hypnotherapist, I have been a qualified teacher for 18 years. I have worked with children therapeutically treating anxiety to confidence to stress relief.

The great thing about children is they are eager to learn and quick to adapt to change. They generally have a more positive outlook too which helps bring about fast, effective results.

For more information on child therapy please feel free to give me a cal on 07532110457 or drop me a line.

Meditation and Kids and Benefits…

Meditation is an invaluable tool to boost calm, confidence and self awareness and the earlier you introduce it to children the more positive and calmer an adult they will become.

Meditation not only promotes good health, but reduces the impact of stress, focuses and calms the mind, increases self awareness and self confidence too.

I have added some videos on YouTube with some simple meditations for kids which you can share with your child and any feedback would be welcome, including suggestions for other videos too.  Email me!

Meditations for Kids

5 Minute Meditation for Self Esteem and Anger

5 Minute Meditation for ADHD Self Cofidence

15 Minute Meditation for ADHD, Anxiety and Anger Issues